Beneficial Sports Sponsorship

Penny Market becomes the new exclusive partner of the football division at Ferencvárosi Torna Club.

The partnering agreement was achieved by Lagardere Sports Hungary and ceremonially announced at the Groupama Arena. The Hungarian subsidiary of the French multinational Lagardere Sports and Entertainment serves as FTC’s sports marketing agency with responsibility for comprehensive marketing and sales operations for the club, for filling the arena with corporate and stadium-size events, respectively selling hospitality for these events.

The successful operation of the Lagardere subsidiary is showcased by the results of the now three years of Hungarian history: Lagardere signed a name sponsoring agreement for the arena with Groupama Insurance Company, a main sponsorship agreement with Hungarian Telekom, stadium supplier agreements with Coca Cola and Dreher Brewery, as well as the now-signed exclusive partner agreement with Penny Market chain.

By their sponsor agreements the partners of Lagardere and Fradi enjoy such complex benefits that other advertising platforms cannot compete against. In return for the investment the sponsors gain regular and multi-channel access to the 1,7 million sympathizers of Fradi: to the hundreds of thousands of television viewers per match (millions on a seasonal basis), in addition to the diverse Fradi online platforms with also multiple million viewers annually.

Complementing this outstanding media appearance in front of the audience with above average brand attachment, the sponsors receive such never-in-Hungary-before-seen opportunities that can guarantee the immediate return on their investments: the initiatives of Penny Market and Telekom showcase this. After the purchases of supporters at Penny Market stores they can receive tickets to the Groupama Arena’s new Penny Market Family Sector. Telekom created the Fradi Eagle mobile subscription package: supporters purchasing this package can call the other supporters in the network free of charge.

These agreements demonstrate thus that sports sponsoring is much more than traditionally displaying the name and logo of a company at a fix panel at the stadium: in return of their sponsorship companies can both reach the general overall and highly targeted audience of Fradi supporters, as well as they can expect direct and immediate activation and monetization.